The Palestinians who began with acts of violence are continuing to do so, and the responsibility for any further violent incidents and harm to civilians and the security forces is on the Palestinian Authority.
During the day several gatherings and events in various locations took place this afternoon:

The West Bank – Three civilians were lightly wounded when their car was overturned in El Hadar on the Giloh – Gush Etzion road after stones were thrown towards their vehicle.
The three were evacuated for medical treatment in hospital.

There was an attempt to run over IDF soldiers who were standing at a road-block near the courthouse in Beit El.
The car with Palestinian license plates continued to drive despite the soldier’s orders to stop. IDF soldiers responded by shooting into the air towards the vehicle and it escaped.

Molotov cocktails and stones were thrown towards IDF forces at the Ayosh junction and Rachel’s Tomb.
Gatherings and stone throwing also occurred in the Jewish settlement in Hebron, in El Aroub and in Housan in the area of Betlehem. Stones were thrown towards a ‘Dan” bus in Emanuel near Vadi Kene tonight. Additionally, fire was opened towards an IDF force at the Koshin road block from the direction of Nablus – the IDF returned fire. In both events there were no casualties.

The Gaza Strip – stones were thrown towards an IDF patrol on the road that encompasses Gush Katif as well as near the hotel of Neveh Dekalim. A few minutes ago a grenade was thrown towards an IDF patrol in the industrial area of Neveh Dekalim. There were no casualties among our forces.

The IDF will continue to work with determination to secure the safety of the Jewish community in the settlements and the roads.