An IDF soldier, Staff Sergeant Tomer Ron, 20 years old from Moshav Moledet, was killed yesterday in a confrontation with a terrorist cell in Hebron. An IDF officer was seriously wounded and four other soldiers were lightly wounded in the incident.

The wounded were evacuated from the area to receive medical treatment at hospitals. The families of the killed and the wounded have been notified.

Yesterday, at approximately 8:45 p.m. terrorists opened fire on a group of IDF soldiers patrolling a route through Kiryat Arba and Hebron. Several soldiers were lightly wounded from and gunfire and reinforcements arrived and began to inspect the area. During the course of the inspection, the soldiers encountered a group of terrorist hidden in a nearby structure. In the ensuing exchanges of fire, the IDF solider was killed, an officer was severely wounded and another soldier was lightly wounded.

The IDF forces began surrounding the structure where the terrorists were entrenched and called out for the terrorists to emerge and surrender. The terrorists failed to respond to the calls of the soldiers and opened fire from their elevated position within the building. In the fire exchange two more IDF soldiers were lightly wounded.

IDF bulldozers began demolishing the structure. The IDF forces are still operating in the area at the present moment.