As part of its ongoing campaign against terrorism, IDF forces demolished the house of Mansur Salah Mansur Sarim, a Fatah operative from Tul- Karem. Mansur Sarim is responsible for a number of terror attacks, in which scores of Israeli civilians were killed or injured. Mansur Salah Mansur Sarim is a former bodyguard for senior Tanzim militant Ra’ad Karmi’. Karmi was behind a number of terror attacks including: The attacks on a wedding hall in Hadera on 17 January 2002 that killed six people and injured 26 others. The murder of an IDF soldier near Kibbutz Metzer on 28 October 2001. The murder of an Israeli civilian on the Tayyiba – Einav road on 5 October 2001. The demolition of terrorist’s houses is meant to send a message to the terrorists and their accomplices that their actions carry a price that will be paid by their families or those associated with their activities. The demolition of terrorist’s houses is thus aimed at deterring terror attacks against Israeli citizens.