Adopt an IDF soldier with a “Like”

Sgt. Daniel Schachter, a lone soldier in the Paratroopers, was tired of being alone on weekends. After posting about it on Facebook, he was astonished at the response he received

Date: 23/02/2012, 12:24 PM    

What’s the first thing a young American who decides to leave everything to join the IDF (Zahal) does? He posts about it on Facebook.

Sergeant Daniel Schachter, a soldier in the Paratrooper 101st battalion, found a family to adopt him through Facebook. Schachter, who was born and raised in Canada, decided to immigrate to Israel alone in order to join the ranks of the Israel Defense Forces, leaving behind a brother and sister, parents, friends and familiarity.

“When I joined the IDF (Zahal) as a lone soldier, they helped me rent an apartment and a room,” says Schachter, “but every weekend I went home, I saw how hard it is – to find have enough time to shop for Shabbat and do laundry, and of course there is the silent solitude.”

Schachter, fed up, decided to log in and write about it: “Lone soldier is looking for an adoptive family.” The unusual post garnered an immediate reaction. One was from Tali Aziza (20), a psychology student at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, who came with her family to Israel from Canada two years ago. Aziza sympathized with Daniel, and gave his post a “Like.”

That weekend, Daniel arrived at the Aziza family home in Even Yehuda and since then has become a member of the family. “I came one Saturday night, met Tali’s parents Michelle and Anita, and her brother and younger sister. The next weekend I came with a suitcase,” he says.

Aziza’s family, who found their home in Israel, says Daniel has become an integral part of the family. “We have an 18-year old boy who stands on the verge of enlisting in the army and it’s good for him to have someone like Daniel, a combat soldier in the army, with whom he can consult,” says Tali’s mother Anita.