Air Defense implements new and improved missile detection course

Based on conclusions drawn from recent escalations in southern Israel, IDF (Zahal) enhances skills of soldiers assigned to track and assess rocket launchings that threaten civilians

Date: 07/05/2012, 6:45 PM     Author: IAF Website

IDF (Zahal) Air Defense Command implements several improvement based on lessons learned during the recent violent escalations in southern Israel, where terrorists launched rockets at civilian communities and IDF (Zahal) aircraft responded with pinpoint airstrikes targeting those responsible for the rocket fire.

One of the first changes made is the addition a new course for soldiers assigned to detect missiles launched at Israel and its borders.  Undergoing a newly established course at the Aerial Defense Academy, these soldiers will track the launchings day and night.

“The Aerial Defense Academy will provide these solders with inclusive training, in accordance with operational strategies acquired during the recent escalations”, explained Lt. Col. Gershon Zlotnik, head of the Doctrine and instructional division of the Aerial Defense Command.

After sighting a threat, the soldiers on duty have just a few seconds to determine the route of the missile and an approximate target where it might hit, based on data provided by various systems. They then determine the relevance and level of danger of each rocket. If the rocket might endanger populated regions or infrastructures, the soldiers then stream information to the Home Front Command, which turns on the “Color Red” Alarm warning the areas under attack, saving the lives of innocent civilians.