Following the serious escalation in the activity of the Hizbullah and other organizations in south Lebanon, which constitute a violation of the “Grapes of Wrath Understandings, the IDF began tonight (8 February) wide ranging strikes against infrastructure targets in Lebanon.
IAF planes struck a short while ago electricity transformation stations. The three stations attacked provide electricity to Baalbek, Dir Nabuch and Jamhour, in addition, a Hizbullah headquarters in the area of Baalbek was attacked.
All planes returned safely to base.
The IDF will continue to act as required against the Hizbullah organization and those supporting and abetting it, and will continue to strike the terrorists wherever they may be, in order to protect the citizens of the Galilee and northern Israel and IDF and SLA soldiers. The IDF warns that any attack on Israeli territory will lead to the widening of the conflict and a severe response by Israel.