American youth group members visit IAF airbase

Real-life helicopters, stories of faraway missions, and a glimpse into Israeli culture, are just some of the attractions the American teens enjoyed during their visit

Date: 21/08/2012, 12:32 PM     Author: IAF Website

Dozens of members of the Jewish youth group, the American Youth Guard, arrived in Israel and visited the Helicopter Formation at the Tel Nof Airbase. The teens attended a briefing on the IAF and its current challenges, saw a Ch- 53 Stallion aircraft, and more.

Deputy Commander of the Helicopter Squadron, Maj. Amir, told the eager visitors about the squadron’s faraway operations. The teens were captivated by the action-filled story, hoping to learn more about the State of Israel. “Although we live far away, we are Jewish and we care very much about what goes on here in Israel”, said Yael Fisher (16) from New York. “We are all engaged in school and other activities throughout the year but during the summer we come to Israel for a few weeks with the Youth Guard program.”

During their three-week stay in Israel, the Jewish teens connect with their Israeli community and culture. “We give them an opportunity to experience the day-to-day life in Israel,” explained the instructor supervising the group. “Israel intrigues them and some are even considering enlisting in the IDF (Zahal).”

Maj. Amir explained to the teens that in the IAF pilots, both female and male, go through over three years of rigorous training. Leora Salmon (15) from Canada expressed her interest in become a pilot, and added that “I want to come to Israel and enlist–I owe it to the country.”