An Australian WIZO group visits Tel Nof Airbase

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Women’s International Zionists Organization Australian delegation visits IAF airbase for a tour and presentation, as part of 25th international meeting

Date: 15/01/2012, 12:19 PM     Author: Adam May

The Australian delegation of the Women’s International Zionists Organization (WIZO) visited the 133rd Twin Tail Knights Squadron at the IAF Tel Nof airbase on Thursday (January 12). The excited members of the delegation were given the opportunity to see the squadron’s F-15 fighter pilots as well as a presentation by one of the squadron’s pilots.

“We are incredibly proud of the young people in the IDF (Zahal) and the air force,” said Gilla Liberman, president of Australia’s WIZO branch. “When we see these amazing people defending Israel, we see our sons and daughters. They are so young but are given so much responsibility. The Jewish nation is in the hands of young people.”

WIZO, an international philanthropic organization dedicated to advancing women and the welfare of Israeli society, has funded numerous projects throughout Israel. The Australian delegation itself has helped fund the creation of programs to aid troubled students, including a boarding school in Haifa.

The delegation is one of many visiting Israel this week as part of the 25th World WIZO General Meeting, an international event gathering WIZO delegations from all over the world for a conference in Israel. The event, which happens once every four years, will take place next week. The Australian delegation will be joined by delegations from America, India, Germany, Panama, and Mexico among other countries.

Cpt. Ran, a pilot in the squadron, spoke to the Australian WIZO representatives, giving a detailed explanation of the F-15 aircraft’s capabilities, along with a summary of the squadron’s responsibility and a brief history of the unit.

According to Cpt. Ran, Israeli pilots avoid civilian casualties at all costs, for example during Operation Cast Lead: “It’s wartime, there is fighting going on and we still take all efforts to save civilians,” said Cpt. Ran. “This it is this difference between us and them.”

“It is important to reconnect with Israel, we live so far away but still have very strong Zionist roots,” said Gilla. “We are so proud of this country; we want to do anything we can to help.”