An educational program for Gaza Strip farmers

Gaza farmers

The Coordination and Liaison Administration exports strawberries and flowers from the Gaza Strip to markets in Europe

Date: 24/07/2011, 7:32 PM     Author: COGAT Website

Head of the Directorate of Agriculture Coordination and Liaison in Gaza, Uri Madar, held a conference with major Gaza Strip farmers on Wednesday, July 20th, preparing them for cultivation and export of crops for next year. An Israeli specialist attended the conference, teaching those present proper cultivation and pest-control methods.

Mr. Madar said that the program is, “Intended to help Palestinian farmers prepare for the November export season including soil preparation, crop treatment and appropriate use of pesticides and fertilizers. We hope to improve crop production after an unsuccessful year, where the crops were deemed inadequate by European consumers. The strawberry specialist thus presented the production process, taught of different types and uses of pesticides and fertilizers, and of post-picking treatment, which is the most important and delicate step.”

Lt. Col. Kobi Gertzvolf, Head of the Directorate of Financial Coordination and Liaison in Gaza, added that “we want to help Palestinian farmers properly grow and use pesticides to improve next year’s crops in both quality and quantity, in hope of increasing exports to Europe and thus improving profits and the Palestinian economy at the Gaza Strip.” He added that “it is evident that the participating farmers had a great time and learned a lot.”