An IDF officer with the rank of Second Lieutenant has been suspended from his position as platoon commander and a soldier with the rank of Sergeant has been suspended from his role as a combat soldier by the commander of the Gaza Formation following an extensive investigation of yesterdays shooting event in Kfar Darom, in which a Palestinian woman was killed and four Palestinians were wounded.

The investigation concluded that the IDF soldiers in the sector of the event responded quickly towards white terrorist jeep from which the shooting occurred.

Nevertheless, wrong decision making, and performance in contravention rules and regulations carried out by the officer and combat soldier, led to the tragic results of the event.

The IDF wishes once again to express its sorrow for the loss of human life during the incident.

The IDF Spokesman emphasizes that the investigation by GOC Southern Command clarified, beyond any doubt, that the event did not involve residents of Kfar Darom, in opposition to the Palestinian reports on the matter.