An IDF Officer, Major Aviyahu Ya’acov, 24 from Haifa, was killed this morning, another IDF Officer was badly wounded and another soldier was lightly wounded from Palestinian fire that was opened towards the IDF force while it was operating within the city of Nablus. The families of officer who was killed and of the officer who was badly wounded were notified.

IDF forces from the Golani Brigade have been operating all night long inside the city of Nablus in order to thwart terror activities and terror infrastructure. Whiles operating within one of the buildings near Kasaba, in which several wanted suspects were hiding, fire was opened towards force from one of the apartments.

As a result of the shooting, two IDF officers were hit, the Brigade Commander and the Company Commander, and another soldier was lightly wounded. An IDF helicopter evacuated the wounded soldiers to a hospital in order to receive medical treatment.

The Brigade Commander, Major Aviyahu Ya’acov, died from his wound in the hospital. His funeral will be held today, May 3, 2002, at 14:45, in the military plot in the Kfar Hasidim cemetery. During the exchange of fire that took place, the IDF force managed to hit two armed terrorists.

During the operation, the forces had arrested four Palestinians wanted by the Security Forces, suspected of planning to organize a murderous terror attack within the state of Israel.

In addition, during the operation, seven armed Palestinians had surrendered themselves into the hands of the IDF forces. The forces confiscated their weapons and released them.

Moreover, tow weapon labs were discovered inside the building and a car containing various weapons was also discovered. The building and the car were exploded under the supervision of the IDF forces.

In the end of the operation the forces left the are under the Palestinian Security control. The detained were taken for questioning by the Security Forces.