The Chief of the IDF General Staff, Shaul Mofaz, granted the rank of Brigadier General to Yair, prior to his expected appointment of Commander of the 8200 Collection Unit, on Wednesday, 27/6/01.

Brigadier General Yair was drafted into the unit in 1973, following the Yom Kippur war. Brigadier General Yair acted in various position within the unit including Officer in the Southern Command, and left the army in 1977. One year later he returned as a career officer.

Brigadier General Yair served on many positions in the unit, including Head of Theater, General Staff Officer, Head of the Intelligence center and Deputy Commander of the unit.

Brigadier General Yair holds a first degree in History and the Middle East, a second degree in the field of national security and graduated with honors from the University of American National Security (NDU).

Brigadier General Yair is graduate of senior intelligence courses, an Inter-service Intelligence course and an advanced Systems course. Brigadier General Yair, aged 47, is married and father of four.