Armored Corps to integrate advanced system for reserve brigades

Photo: Amit Shlomovich, Ground Forces Website

The Combat Management Support system is already in use by regular service brigades, significantly improving the effectiveness of the Armored Corps

Date: 13/02/2013, 2:07 AM     Author: Nitzan Keinar, Ground Forces Website

The Armored Corps is anticipating a significant change in the Combat Management Support System (CMSS) by implementing the system in reserve brigades, to begin in the coming months.

The advanced system allows for rapid analysis in the field during combat and provides data from the field directly to the tank commander. It came into use in the Armored Corps nine months ago, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the armored battalions in combat. The system is currently in use by the Armored Corps’ regular service battalions, and it is in the process of being implemented in the reserve brigades. “It may be called a ‘support system’, but in effect it is much more than that,” emphasized Maj. Tzachi Chasid, Head of the CMSS Department. “It is a system that initiates a fundamental change in ground maneuvering.”

The CMSS operates at the combat management stage, prior to combat, and during combat itself, and thus enables enhanced command and control capabilities. “In the past, the field analysis process prior to an exercise was complex and took many long hours,” Maj. Chasid said, “today, the system itself analyzes the field and presents the tank commander with exact information, including what’s visible from inside the tank and what threats he’s exposed to, something which saves valuable time in battle management prior to combat.” Maj. Chasid added that the advanced system is installed in every tank, and connected to all of its systems, with an emphasis on the firing and navigation systems. Furthermore, the system is connected to all combat forces in the field – the various corps of the Ground Forces.

The system underwent a significant transformation in 2009, the year in which it was connected to all systems in the Digital Ground Army (DGA) sphere. The DGA provides command and control capabilities to all ground combat forces and enables communication between the various corps.

 “Until then the CMSS worked excellently, but it was disconnected from the rest of the forces, which created an absurd situation in which the corps is using one of the most advanced systems in existence, but when it came to anything regarding the connection to other forces from the [Ground] Forces, Armored Corps soldiers were forced to revert to outdated methods,” Maj. Chasid explained, adding that joining the system to the DGA has enabled successful ongoing mass cooperation across the Ground Forces.

Maj. Chasid noted that the process of implementing the system in reserve brigades was a challenge and took a long time. The reason being that it is a complex and advanced system, and it is vital to learn how to work with it in the best possible manner and to utilize all of its functions. “There are officers who were born into the system, and there are more veteran officers who need to learn it. That is our primary work right now,” Maj. Chasid said. The CMSS Department is in a constant process of upgrading the system and striving for perfection, something that is signified by the process of implementing it in the reserve forces.