IDF troops have been deployed in area of Nablus in order to eradicate and thwart terror activity. The following was captured in two sites in the city of Nablus:

Uncovered in the Governor’s Residence were 9 armed wanted terrorists, 3 Kalashnikov assault rifles, 6 pistols, 1 shotgun, 1 telescopic rifle and large amounts of ammunition. Those detained were turned over to security forces for interrogation. In another building, in the apartment adjacent to that belonging to Faris Al-Amani, Commander of the Palestinian “Blue” (“Civilian”) Police, a large explosives lab, 10 kg. of explosives, detonators for bombs, vests fitted with explosives, paraphernalia for the preparation of explosive charges, costume wigs, and gas masks were found. The apartment in question was summarily demolished that evening by IDF troops.