24 soldiers, 2 officers and 2 NCOs were arrested these past two weeks by teams of the Military Police in accordance with the “Simulated Kidnappings” operation held by the Operations Directorate.
The soldiers which were “kidnapped” were sent for trial in their units by an officer with the rank of Brig.-Gen., and were punished up to the maximum sentence of 35 days in prison.
The increase in strictness of enforcement and punishment given to those hitchhiking contrary to the rules has been made in accordance to decisions of the Chief of IDF General Staff.
The goal is to increase awareness of the hitchhiking guidelines among the soldiers following many warnings of the intention of the terrorist organizations to kidnap IDF soldiers.
All of the Commands, the Services and the units of the IDF have been directed to continue and increase their educational activity on the topic among their officers, NCOs and soldiers.