Mussa Kuraan, a Tanzim activist and resident of the Balata refugee camp in the West Bank, was arrested by IDF forces and the General Security Service at the beginning of the month of February 2001.

Kuraan confessed during questioning to carrying out a number of shooting attacks on IDF posts on Mount Eval and Mount Gerizim. He also confessed that, together with the terrorist cell in which he is a member, they executed a drive-by shooting on an IDF post in the West Bank village of Shavei Shomron, and a terrorist attack during which a roadside bomb was set against a military vehicle west of Nablus. In these terror attacks there were no casualties, but damage to property was caused.

In February 2001 IDF forces and the General Security Service arrested Karim KahibDiab Mashaki in the area of Kalkilya, a resident of Nablus, and Mamon Ahmed Rashid Abu Bakir, a resident of the village of Git, east of Kedumim. Both serve in the Palestinian Military Intelligence.

The two confessed in their investigations to shooting at an IDF roadblock near Kalkiliya. Mashaki confessed when questioned also to firing upon a civilian bus near Alfei Menashe.