As part of the operations the IDF carries out to eliminate terror, the IDF arrested last night (19.12), in cooperation with other security forces, seven Palestinians suspected for hostile terrorist activity. Six of the suspects were arrested in the village of Karut Bani Zid, south-west of Salfit. Abed al-Hadi Salah Arar, a Hamas activist, was one of those arrested there. Zaid Nasar a-Din, an Islamic Jihad activist, was arrested in Hebron. All seven of the arrests were carried out in territory under Palestinian security responsibility. In addition, an IDF reserve force and Border Policemen operated in the town of el-Khader, adjacent to Bethlehem, in area under Israeli security responsibility. They arrested four Palestinians suspected of throwing firebombs and rocks. The IDF will continue its operations to prevent terror, and to defend the citizens of the State of Israel and IDF soldiers.