August draft underway: Home Front Command increases recruitment

In preparation for their upcoming enlistment, 72.3% of recruits have requested to serve in combat and infantry units. More soldiers drafted to protect Israeli home front

Date: 22/07/2012, 12:34 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

The August draft cycle begins today (Sunday, July 22), starting the recruitment process for the year’s primary enlistment for field units. Next month, recruits will be drafted to serve in combat positions, combat support positions, and administrative roles.

Of those soldiers eligible to serve in field units, 72.3% requested to serve as combat soldiers, a statistic consistent with the August drafts of recent years. More specifically, 49.6% of eligible soldiers requested to serve as infantry soldiers, an increase of 2.5% over the statistic from last August.

“The statistics for the draft that is getting underway reflect the willingness of the recruits to serve in combat roles,” said Maj. Gen. Orna Barbivai, head of the Manpower Directorate. “Their high motivation aids us in assigning recruits to a variety of roles that is increasing in response to the increasing challenges facing the IDF (Zahal). The diversity of the recruits reflects the diversity of Israeli society and expresses the IDF (Zahal)’s status as a people’s army.”

Sixty-four percent of the recruits will serve as combat soldiers, while the rest will serve in the Technical Formation, in administrative roles, or in other positions. Of those recruits who will serve in field units, 98% will receive one of their top three placement choices, also a statistic consistent with last August.

In light of the importance of the home front, this August’s draft was expanded to include positions within search and rescue companies of the Home Front Command.