A baby was murdered and her father was moderately wounded by shots fired by Palestinians at their house in the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in the Jewish community in Hebron. The two were given medical treatment on location.

The baby, however, died of her wounds.

The father was evacuated for further treatment in hospital.

IDF forces returned fire to the sources of fire.

Following these events an encirclement has been imposed on the city of Hebron, and a curfew has been imposed on certain areas (H-2).

The IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that this despicable and intentional murder of a baby and the wounding of her father was carried out by a Palestinian sniper from within the territory of the Palestinian Authority.

This is an escalation in the terrorist activity that the Palestinian Authority initiates and encourages.

The Palestinians are continuing to cause provokations with the purpose of drawing the IDF to respond harshly and escalate the situation in order to achieve their political goals.

The IDF, however, calls the Israeli settlers to exert restraint even at this difficult time and to avoid responding in a way which will play into the hands of the Palestinians, and would deteriorate the situation.