Barak Armored Brigade conducts training in Golan Heights

Battalion commander: “The exercise is designed to train soldiers to deal with the northern terrain and prepare them for any possible scenario”

Date: 03/09/2012, 5:45 PM     Author: Matan Galin

Last weekend, the Barak Armored Brigade completed its training in the Golan Heights. During the exercise, the soldiers of the Brigade trained in several different methods of warfare designed to prepare them for all possible fighting conditions they might face in the north.

Before the exercise, the Brigade’s commander, Col. Shmulik Olensky, took the extra precaution of meeting with farmers living near the training grounds. He requested that they keep close tabs on their herds of animals to prevent them from wandering into firing zones.

Battalion commander Lt. Col. Dvir Edri summarized the successful drill,
emphasizing the importance of remaining prepared. “We do not live in a quiet, calm area, and therefore the success of our next mission is directly dependent on our preparedness. The training exercises are designed to place the soldiers in realistic battle situations and allow them to get used to [such scenarios],” said Lt. Col. Edri.

The exercise is a part of the final phase of the Barak Armored Brigade’s training period. During the training, the various battalions were tested in a number of different scenarios and situations. The training period will last until November.