"Being an officer embodies modern Zionism"

Tammy Habteyes: IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson

The next generation of IDF (Zahal) comabt commanders recently celebrated their completion of the first half of the officers’ training course

Date: 20/03/2011, 6:44 PM     Author: Rotem Eliav

The next generation of IDF (Zahal) combat commanders marched into the stadium at the IDF (Zahal) Officers’ school in flawless unison earlier this month, as they completed the first half of the officers’ training course. Accompanied by the IDF (Zahal) Marching Band, 450 cadets created a rainbow of Unit Pride with their colorful berets, and the ceremony began, with family and friends watching from the stands.

At the ceremony, Lt. Col. Eran Yaniv, Commander of the IDF (Zahal) Officers’ School, authorized the cadets’ completion of the first four months of officers’ training, during which they learned and embraced the image and essence of being an IDF (Zahal) officer.

Each cadet received a platoon commander pin.

“Just like the olive branch and the sword on the pins you received, Israel has one arm reaching out to negotiate with the enemy, as any action that may limit the spilling of blood is justifiable, and with the other arm, we make sure that we are always prepared and perfecting the IDF (Zahal)’s operational readiness,” explains Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman, Commander of the IDF (Zahal) Army Headquarters, to the cadets.

“One of the most valuable resources Israel has is the high quality of its people, epitomized in these upstanding young men and women,” Maj. Gen. Turgeman continues after personally congratulating and shaking hands with a number of the cadets. “Being an officer embodies modern Zionism.”

Maj. Gen. Turgeman tells IDF (Zahal) Website that the cadets are “highly motivated, dedicated, and eager to learn. There was a very high demand for joining the course from all IDF (Zahal) units, and these soldiers truly fulfill impressive criteria. We gave them a lot both professionally and morally, and I wholeheartedly wish them the best of luck.”

“We must elevate and show off these great youth,” exclaims Chief Warrant Officer Yitzhak Taito, the longest serving soldier in the IDF (Zahal), who has been at Bahad 1 refining the cadets’ appearance and behavior, as well as running ceremonies such as this one, for over 50 years.

In the days following the ceremony, the cadets will continue on to the next and final level of the course, which includes professional training specific to each unit.

“They will acquire leadership skills in the battlefield, resoluteness and determination, and will learn how to lead trusting eyes at the toughest of times,” explains Maj. Gen. Turgeman.