“Better protection for every IDF tank”

Photo: IDF (Zahal) tank equipped with the ‘Windbreaker’ technology

“Elbit Systems” president assures new defensive systems are being developed for both tanks and aircraft, as well as against cyber warfare attacks

Date: 18/03/2012, 3:28 PM     Author: Matan Galin

“Better protection to be provided for every IDF (Zahal) tank,” assured Joseph Ackerman, president of “Elbit Systems” at last week’s conference addressing developments in the defense industry, “we are currently developing defensive systems that will ensure the safety and confidence of our soldiers.”

The conference focused on future protection systems that the IDF (Zahal) is expecting in the coming years. The systems have been developed in response to advanced offensive capabilities and an understanding of the need to ensure the welfare and safety of combat soldiers. “The defense of the soldiers stationed within tanks and aircrafts has improved. Today we are developing cost-effective defense systems,” said Ackerman.

Another area that has been garnering more attention of late is that of cyber defense. As of March 2012, there have been 420 million cyber attacks worldwide. The number has been steadily increasing, with only 300 million such attacks this time last year. “Today there is no alternative to a stout cyber defense,” said Brig. Gen. (res.) Yair Cohen, who served in the intelligence unit 8200 and is the head of the Cyber Defense department at Elbit.

Defensive tools against cyber attacks have recently been developed. In cyberspace, there are several different capabilities that are used in both attack and defense. Defensive systems attempt to prevent hackers from entering various systems while tracking and dealing with infiltrators. Conversely, offensive cyber systems can be used to attack enemy systems. The IDF (Zahal) cyber capabilities have taken large steps forward in recent years.

Elbit Systems is one of the leaders in the security market in Israel and abroad, and a main weapon supplier for the IDF (Zahal). Elbit’s areas of expertise include unmanned aircraft, defense systems, intelligence systems, and cyber protection.