Bolstering the south: New outpost inaugurated on the Egyptian border

The new outpost, part of the Ministry of Defense’s Hourglass Project, is designed to reinforce the border with Egypt

Date: 05/09/2012, 7:41 PM     Author: Florit Shoihet

As part of the ongoing plans to strengthen the southern border, a new outpost has been inaugurated, drastically improving the living conditions of soldiers in the area. Following the attack on Route 12 nearly a year ago, it was decided that more forces would be deployed to the area. But so far, the soldiers have had to make do with makeshift outposts and poor conditions. Now, the soldiers are in the midst of transitioning into the new outpost, Shegov.

The outpost was built as a part of the Ministry of Defence’s Hourglass Project and was completed in a record time of six months.

“Soldiers at Shegov will be provided with upgraded living conditions that will be very different from what they received so far,” said the logistics officer of the Edom Division Lt. Col. Eli Ezer. Instead of hot tents, soldiers will live in air-conditioned rooms with electricity, comfortable beds, hot showers, a fully equipped gym, and a lounge. The most significant change will be in the soldiers food supply. Instead of the packaged meals they received at the previous outpost, soldiers will have access to a spacious kitchen where food will be made fresh.

In addition, it was decided that the new outpost would follow greener building codes to save electricity and be more ecologically friendly. The outpost will include the first solar farm in Southern Command, which will warm the water and provide some electricity for the outpost. In addition, the outpost will be equipped with a sewage treatment facility.

“As a part of strengthening the border, we built this outpost. In the near future, we are planning to complete the Eilat Regional Brigade’s base, which at the moment is under construction,” said Lt. Col. Ezer.