In light of the past year and a half, and especially during Operation “Defensive Shield”, both regular and reservist IDF forces have needed to live in a complex state of reality.

This is not a normal war where two forces face each other and clash. The war we’ve set out on, following a period of harsh terror attacks peaking with the attack on Passover night, is a different war – in civilian centers, and the enemy is not defined. The terror attack in the “Park” hotel in Netanya, that was overwhelming, lead to the execution of the operation by both regular and reserve soldiers. The soldiers were extremely competent, well trained, and highly motivated.

The operation was complicated, there were many weapons and terrorists everywhere within a civilian populated region.

The battle lasted several weeks and upon its completion we have reached the majority of the terror infrastructures within city centers and refugee camps.

The war cost us many sacrifices – commanders and soldiers, but due to those sacrifices and the battle, and once the operation was complete we found ourselves in a different reality. Security is in our hands, we are operating in every location where terror is being organized.

Q: Is the Palestinian Authority collapsing? How long will it take the Authority to return to itself?
A: The Authority continues to function, in every negotiation process the Chairman’s orders are followed. We’ve clearly seen this in the Church of Nativity standoff where every action was carried out with the Chairman’s approval and consent.

The terror infrastructures are attempting to rebuild themselves. The rate at which they recover will depends on our ability to operate. We are determined to operate everywhere to stop and delay the development of the infrastructures.

Q: The fact is that there have been no terror attacks throughout the past few days – Why?
A: Thanks to thwarting efforts by IDF forces. Both terrorist suicide bombers and their wanted dispatchers have been captured.

Q: Can the Palestinian Authority stop suicide bombers and does it want to?
A: The ability does exist. The question is the will. In my opinion there is no such will nor any operation to stop terror activities.

Q: Is there any justifiable reason to take the same course of action in the Gaza Strip?
A: It is inappropriate to respond to that question.

Q: Are we on our way to Operation “Defensive Shield 2”?
A: Let us hope that with our current activity we are preventing the execution of a second operation.

The Seam Zone

We are at the beginning of a process of creating an obstacle in the Seam Zone. An administration has been established within the Ministry of Defense.

The final decision lies within the Central Command. The process has already begun and the difficulty in executing terror attacks will increase.

Q: Was it taken into account that the Palestinian have learned the IDF’s operation methods?
A: We must continue being original, and learn lessons both from mistakes and success. We have excellent commanders in all positions and ranks. We will find the most suitable methods to deal with those who oppose us.