Israel finds itself in confrontation on 4 fronts:

1. The Internal front (within Israel) – the Israel police is responsible for the security of all Israeli citizens.

2. The Palestinian front in the West Bank and Gaza – the IDF’s main mission is to provide security for the Jewish residents in the West Bank and Gaza

3. The Northern Front – the main mission to is prevent attacks by Hizbullah, aided by Syria, on the northern border.

4. Terror Attacks – since there has been a release en masse of Hamas terrorists from Palestinian Authority jails, there is a great risk of terror attacks in the near future.

The Lynch

It is hard to ignore the inhuman and immoral lynch of the reserve IDF soldiers in Ramallah. The IDF had no option but to react, and attack targets that were associated with the lynch, while keeping civilian casualties to a minimum.

The Summit

In the framework of the summit the issue of the Tanzim will be addressed. [The Tanzim are a paramilitary grassroots group within the Fatah movement] which were responsible for many of the violent attacks during the wave of violence. The issue of confiscating weapons from the Tanzim as well as the release of jailed Hamas activists will be addressed. The PA should itself be concerned and demonstrate responsibility with regard to reincarcerating the Hamas terrorists they released.

IDF Performance

The use of force in the last two week was in reaction to violent attacks and riots in the territories. The IDF performance was satisfactory. The IDF acts in a determined manner but with restraint and forethought in an effort to prevent casualties on the other side.

The Settlers

The Chief of Staff reiterated the praise of OC Central Command for the Jewish residents of the territories who demonstrated responsibility and full cooperation with the IDF. This allows for the IDF to provide better security to these residents.


The summit may bring about a cease fire and a return to the negotiating table. At the same time the IDF must prepare for a prolonged confrontation.

In sum, our goal is to handle the events in the territories in a responsible way so as not to bring to a deterioration of the situation in the region. Our goal is to bring calm and to return to negotiations.

IDF Hostages in Lebanon

There is no new information regarding the three soldiers held hostage in Lebanon. Apparently the soldiers were wounded during the kidnapping. Their safety is in the hands of the Hizbullah, and the governments of Lebanon and Syria.

Regarding reports of another hostage-taking, there was no incident along the northern border. We are continuing to check through other channels

Regarding a report that an Israeli civil servant has gone missing abroad] this is a sensitive issue that requires a through investigation. At this point we cannot confirm or deny any such report.