IDF forces are operating in Tul-Karem, Kalkiliya, Bethlehem, and since midnight in Ramallah. Ramallah is a seat of Palestinian governmental institutions. The city has also become the central hub for harboring and exporting terrorism against Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers.

In recent days we have witnessed many attempts by terrorists originating from Ramallah to penetrate into Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv in order to carry out attacks. IDF forces and Border Police have managed to successfully foil some of these terrorist attempts; eg: the female terrorist in the Macabim roadblock, the suicide bomber caught in Ar-Ram on his way to Jerusalem, the two terrorists carrying weapons and grenades apprehended in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem. However not every single terrorist attack can be thwarted.

Examples of terrorist activity emanating from Ramallah include: the terrorist attack in Cafe “Moment”, in the “Sbarro” pizzeria restaurant bombing in Jerusalem, the “Seafood Market” restaurant in Tel-Aviv, attacks along route 443 and route 436, between Macabim and Jerusalem. In addition, the murderers of the late minister, Rehavam Ze’evi used Ramallah as a mid-way stop before departing on their murderous mission.

During the operation in Ramallah we apprehended a number of major terrorists, among them Hamas members, and members of Ahmed Jibril’s PFLP organization. In addition there were also armed Palestinians who were killed in confrontations with IDF forces.

The operation continues and will continue as long as it is needed. The IDF operation is conducted against terrorists and is in now way intended to harm civilians.