Col. Yair Dori was appointed this morning (10th of July) in the Chief of the IDF General Staff’s Bureau as the Commander of Anti-Aircraft (AA) Forces in the Israel Air Force. Upon his appointment he was advanced from the rank of Colonel to Brigadier General.

Brig.-Gen. Dori is replacing Brig.-Gen. Arieh Fishbine who is retiring from the IDF.

Brig.-Gen. Yairi Dori began his service in the IDF in 1976 in the AA forces, as a combat soldier operating a Chaparel. After he finished officers training he served as Troop Commander, Battery Commander, Battalion Commander and other Staff positions.

In addition he served as Commander of the School for AA and Head of the Ground Defense in the Defense Department and AA in the AA HQ.

The new AA Commander has a BA in Political Science from the University of Haifa and an MA in Public Management from the Universtiy of Auburn, Alabama. He also studied at the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama.

Brig.-Gen. Dori is married and a father of three.