It is customary for the IDF to lay to rest its dead with a ceremony in a military cemetery. A military burial is afforded to IDF casualties who have fallen either during their regular army service, both compulsory and regular, or during active reserve service. Unfortunately, the are many cases where soldiers have been taken seriously ill, either during or after their service. Some have even died from their problems, which in certain circumstances may have been resulted from the terms of their service. In specific regard to the “Kishon Affair”, a committee of enquiry led by the former head of the High Court, Justice Meir Shamgar, has yet to complete its investigation and report. Arik Rosental died from an illness, when he was neither serving in regular nor reserve duties. However, in a special gesture in response to requests from his family, Arik Rosental was buried in a ceremony conducted by an army rabbi in the Kiryat Shaul military cemetery near Tel Aviv. The IDF expresses its deepest regrets with the passing away of Arik Rosental and sends warmest condolences to all of his family.