Yesterday three IDF soldiers were released from military prison and disciplinary verdicts of four officers were revoked, all members of the Engineering company from the southern command who were recently involved in an “initiation ceremony”. This followed the military advocate general’s order that the verdicts in this matter be canceled. This order, given following an inquiry held by the advocate general, stemming from the fact that such abusive action attributed to the soldiers requires, due their severity and according to military law, an investigation by the military police (investigative MP). Therefor, they cannot be disciplinary charged at this time. With that, the southern command measures, taken following the directive of the Chief of the IDF Staff order, against the soldiers and officers who took part in the ceremony: dismantling the company and re-organizing it, the dismissal of the company commander, re-assigning the platoon commander and reassigning all the soldiers who took part in the ceremony to administration posts.