Central Command holds seminar on dealing with disturbances

IDF (Zahal) is preparing for possibility of violent disturbances in September

Date: 29/06/2011, 3:27 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Earlier this week, the Central Command conducted a seminar for IDF (Zahal) field officers on dealing with disturbances.

The seminar was held in the wake of the events that occurred on “Nakba Day” and “Naksa Day” earlier this year. The threat of violent disturbances also exists in regards to the possible declaration of a Palestinian state in September.

Officers viewed simulations on how IDF (Zahal) and security forces deal with disturbances and saw a display of various means of crowd control.

The seminar also touched on the media angle, with IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson’s Unit soldiers teaching officers on how to transfer relevant information from the field to media outlets.

“September is apparently the date, but it is also an idea,” said Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz. “It could happen sooner, or a little later – in one form or another. We need to prepare for the maximum possible scenarios and make all preparations for disturbances.”

Lt. Gen. Gantz said that the IDF (Zahal) operates in full cooperation with the police and other security forces in dealing with disturbances.