Over the following days, ceremonies honoring foreign fire fighting teams will be taking place on air force bases in Israel

Date: 06/12/2010, 3:59 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Several ceremonies marking the departure of some of the international fire fighting teams took place on Sunday (Dec. 5) in the Nevatim and Ramat David IAF bases. Similar events are to take place today (Dec. 6) in the Haifa and Tel Nof IAF bases.

192 crewmen received IAF medals and all of the delegations received a special, honorary greeting from the commander of the IAF saying, “You have earned this honor for putting out the deadly fire in the Carmel. You have shown responsibility, determination, camaraderie and courage.”

Commander of the Ramat David IAF base said, “The cooperation was excellent, reaching across barriers of language and culture. You were all focused on the mission of saving lives and saving the landscape in the Carmel.”

Commander of the Nevatim IAF base said, “Real friends are those in need. Israel was met by a disaster, but you were there to prove your true friendship. We felt this throughout the days we fought the fire. Myself, the IAF and the State of Israel want to thank you and show our deep respect for you.”