“You have experience and the ability to deal with the challenges forecasted for this sector.
Your era will be remembered throughout history” said the former OC Central Command, Maj.-Gen. Moshe (Boge) Yalon,
today (27th of July) to his replacement Maj.-Gen. Yitzhak Eitan at the ceremony marking the change of the OC Central Command
held at the Command HQ in Jerusalem. The Chief of the IDF General Staff, LTG. Shaul Mofaz, the officers of the Command and heads
of the West Bank and Jordan Valley communities attended the ceremony.

The CGS and Maj.-Gen. Eitan complemented the performance of Maj.-Gen. Yalon as OC Central Command. “Maj.-Gen. Yalon knew how to correctly
use the force to fight terror, and knew how to create the right balance between the settlements in the West Bank and the Palestinian Authority”
said the CGS. Maj.-Gen. Eitan stated that he is taking charge of a Command that is ready and willing to perform any necessary operation.

During the ceremony the CGS and the Major Generals laid a wreath of flowers on the monument in the memory of the Major General Nehamia Tamari,
who was the OC Central Command during the years 1993-1994 and was killed in 1994.

Maj.-Gen. Yalon will be appointed soon as Deputy Chief of the IDF General Staff.