Brigadier General Ilan Herskovitz appointed today commander of the Israel Air Force Base, Palmachim. Brig. General Herskovitz will replace Brig. General Miki Bar, who is retiring from the IDF.

Brig. General Herskovitz completed the IAF pilots course in 1978, as a helicopter pilot, and served as a pilot in attack helicopters and squadron commander. In 1994, he was appointed deputy commander of Palmachim Base.

In his last command, he served as the head of the Operations Department in the Doctrine and Training Division in the IDF Operations Directorate.

Brig. General Herskovitz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Eretz Israel Studies and Computer Science from Bar Ilan University, and is a graduate of the National Defense College. He received a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Science from the University of Haifa.