Chief Education Officer: "IDF respects every soldier"

Chief Education Officer, Brig. Gen. Eli Schermeister

In his Passover greeting, Brig. Gen. Schermeister explains the exodus story highlights values of freedom and morality, fostered at the Education Corps and the IDF (Zahal) at large

Date: 09/04/2012, 11:45 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Summary of Head Education Officer’s Passover greeting

The Passover holiday, that lasts seven days, is characterized by traditional scents, foods and customs, all crucial components of the Jewish and Israeli identity.

On Passover we read the Hagada, and remember the story of the Jewish people’s exodus from Egypt, passed down from generation to generation.

However the holiday is based on more than just the historical event, but also the values of freedom and morality integrated into the story. We are obligated to create a reformed society where public welfare is an accepted norm.

The story of Passover teaches of the importance of national liberty which, as the IDF (Zahal), we must defend. Furthermore we take that personal freedom and respect continue and complete national liberty. As soldiers and commanders we make sure to respect every soldier regardless of his or her nationality, religion, gender, rank or position.

Equality at the IDF (Zahal) Education and Youth Corps

Mikve Alon Base:
The mission of Mikve Alon is to prepare special populations for a meaningful IDF (Zahal) service while better incorporating them into society.

The base offers education tracks and immigrant tracks enabling soldiers to complete 12 years of schooling, improve their Hebrew, and integrate into Israeli society and military service.

Havat HaShomer training base:
Havat HaShomer takes in soldiers considered at-risk youth, coming from broken homes or difficult backgrounds. With 90% female commanders, the soldiers are divided into companies based on the level of assistance they require in completing their education, ranging from basic to advance schooling.

The mission of the Havat HaShomer Base is to advance the individual and fulfill his or her potential for the success of each soldier and citizen in general.

Each soldier will develop both military and life skills as well as a sense of personal capability and accomplishment. The base will nurture the personal strength in its soldiers and commanders and aspire to learning and constant progress while adhering to IDF (Zahal) values and camaraderie.

Women in the IDF (Zahal):
The IDF (Zahal) is a global pioneer in the integration of women and provides an example to be emulated, with its guarantee of equal opportunities, treatment and positions. Equality and human dignity are fundamental values leading the IDF (Zahal) in accordance with the ‘Spirit of the IDF (Zahal).’

Today the IDF (Zahal) is legally obligated to allow women to serve in any position, alongside male soldiers, as long as its character permits. Today more than 92% of the positions in the IDF (Zahal) are open to women and they are able to be integrated into approximately 14 combat positions. Women today represent about 41% of the officers in the conscripted army and about 12% of the officers in the regular army and about 12% of the total IDF (Zahal) personnel.