Chief of Staff: IDF facing an absurd reality

IDF (Zahal) officials condemn actions of right-wing activists; IDF (Zahal) will enforce the law, despite opposition

Date: 14/12/2011, 8:57 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

“Unfortunately, during last night, very serious events occurred,” Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said on Tuesday (December 13), referring the events that occurred in Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley the previous night. “The events…were premeditated and violent disturbances. The IDF (Zahal) which protects the people found itself protecting itself. This is an absurd and unreasonable reality.”

GOC Central Command Major General Avi Mizrahi said on Tuesday: “The IDF (Zahal) will continue to comply with the orders of the government in our democratic country. We will enforce the law, despite the opposition of those who think we are deterred by them.”

On Monday night, approximately 50 right-wing activists infiltrated the Ephraim Regional Division Headquarters, setting fire to tires and damaging vehicles with stones, bottles of paint and by placing nails on the road. IDF (Zahal) forces, together with the Israel Police, expelled the rioters from the base.
In addition, rocks were thrown at the Ephraim Regional Division Commander’s vehicle.

Also on Monday night, the IDF (Zahal) expelled 17 right-wing provocateurs from a closed military area on the Israel-Jordan border that they had entered.