The findings of the IDF’s Southern Command’s investigation into the incident in which five Palestinian children were killed on 22.11.01 was presented to the Chief of the IDF General Staff, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz, by the CO Southern Command, Maj. Gen. Doron Almog, the Commander of the Regional Brigade and the Division Commander. A series of in-depth investigations by different levels in the command and professional echelons preceded the presentation. The Chief of the IDF General Staff concluded that the incident was an operational mishap, whose result was serious and saddening. The mishap was due to the combination of a number of professional mistakes, mistaken decisions and an innapropriate distribution of attention. The Chief of the IDF General Staff adopted the recommendations of the CO Southern Command, among which he will professionally reprimand a number of officers. In addition, the Chief of the IDF General Staff directed the quick implementation of a number of directives and guidelines in the operating ranks, as a lesson from the incident.