Civil Administration saves the life of a Palestinian baby

The prematurely-born Palestinian baby girl was transferred to an Israeli hospital where she was treated. Operation subsidized and arranged by the Civil Administration

Date: 30/01/2012, 6:22 PM     Author: COGAT Website

The Civil Administration enabled the transfer of a prematurely born Palestinian baby from Bethlehem to an Israeli Hospital in Jerusalem, and paid for her to receive emergency, life-saving surgery.

A premature baby girl, weighing 800 grams, was receiving intensive care at a hospital in Bethlehem when doctors discovered a bowel occlusion
requiring emergency surgery.

The two-week old Palestinian baby was transferred from Bethlehem to Bikur Holim Hospital in Jerusalem on Friday (January 13th) thanks to the intervention of Mrs. Dalia Bassa, the Health Department Coordinator in the Civil Administration. Over the course of only a few hours, the Health Department organized the emergency transfer of the baby girl from Judea and Samaria to Israel, and brought in doctors from the Hadassah Hospital especially for the operation.

The Civil Administration subsidized the entire cost of the operation, the post-operation treatment, and the hospitalization, amounting to 120, 000 NIS. “The baby is now well, and that is all that is important”, said Mrs. Bassa.