For the last time before his retirement from the IDF (Zahal), Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi met with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mullen; the two Army Commanders discussed various security issues

Date: 18/11/2010, 11:54 AM    

Upon his arrival to the US, Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, was received with a special ceremony held in his honor as a farewell from his American counterpart, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael G. Mullen, this being his last visit to the US before he retires from the IDF (Zahal).

“I know many army commanders but none is as good a friend as Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi. It is important for me to bid him farewell at the Pentagon, although he has not yet completed his duty, as it is likely his last visit here. Working together these past few years, the close military ties between the two nations has only deepened,” said Admiral Mullen at the event.

Chief of Staff Ashkenazi will hold a series of work meetings with US government, security and military officials this week in which mutual security challenges, cooperation between the militaries and the civilian security situation in the Middle East will be discussed.

As part of the series of meetings, Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi will also meet with Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Dr. Michele Flournoy, Chairman of House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Mr. Howard Berman, Senators John Carey and Joe Liberman and others.

At the end of the visit, the Chief of Staff will arrive in New York where he will meet with Israel advocacy organizations, heads of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations and other senior officials. In addition, Lt. Gen. will dedicate time to briefing sessions with heads of US and Canadian media outlets.