Coming soon: Advanced first aid kits for every IDF combat soldier

Recently distributed kits include advanced arterial pressure tourniquets, ergonomic earplugs, modern safety goggles and durable bandages

Date: 01/08/2013, 3:34 PM     Author: Roni Tzidon, Technology and Logistics Branch

New, advanced first aid kits have been distributed in recent days to new recruits from the November enlistment on brigade training bases throughout the country, as part of the Medical Corps’ Protect My Brother program of upgrades. The goal of the new equipment is to provide every combat soldier with higher-quality personal protection, through simple and effective means.

“The Protect My Brother plan sees the entirety: treatment from the point of injury up to the hospital,” said Chief Medical Officer Brig. Gen. Itzik Kreiss. “The number of casualties from war to war is on a downward trend, and also the total fatalities out of those wounded, but our aim is to arrive at a single-digit percentage. Stopping bleeding on the battlefield is one way to achieve this, and we will emphasize the importance of the kit among the fighters.”

An essential part of the new kit is the combat application tourniquet (CAT), an effective arterial pressure tourniquet. This tool was widely distributed during Operation Pillar of Defense and has become the flagship item for stopping bleeding, which is the cause of about 80 percent of deaths in first aid scenarios.

Additionally, 43,000 pairs of more modern American-manufactured protective goggles have been purchased, and wider procurement is planned for June 2013. “The goggles will be distributed in the kits that arrive at basic training bases and will be transferred to each recruit,” noted Lt. Col. Yaakov Mendelovich, Head of the Medical Equipment Center.