Following the large number of recent terror attacks originating in the southern Gaza Strip Muazi area, Major General Doron Almog declared the territory a closed military area. This order will be effective as of today.

According to the order, Muazi residents wishing to exit the territory and enter Gush Katif will be allowed to do so only by authorization.

Muazi residents will be allowed to enter Palestinian Authority’s territories only through the Tufah crossing and the Hilla checkpoint.

Israeli citizens wishing to enter the Muazi territory will be allowed to do so only by authorization.

Following is a list of recent attacks that originated from the Muazi area:

* On 12 May 2002 an Israeli employer, resident of Gush Katif, was murdered at the Hila checkpoint by a Palestinian worker residing in the Muazi.

* On 7 March 2002 5 Israeli civilians were killed and 24 injured when Palestinian terrorists penetrated the community of Atzmona. A Palestinian resident of the Muazi assisted the terrorists on their way to the community.

* On 31 January 2002 a foreign worker was wounded near Ganei Tal in a combined bombing and shooting attack carried out by terrorists who came from the Muazi.

* On 12 December 2001 4 Israeli civilians, residents of Gush Katif, were wounded by an explosive device detonated by two suicide bombers in the north of Gush Katif. The terrorists came from the Muazi.