In a speech delivered on Monday (June 7) at a General Assembly of the Knesset, Defense Minister Ehud Barak saluted the IDF (Zahal) soldiers who took part in the flotilla takeover

Date: 07/06/2010, 9:28 PM     Author: Jonatan Urich

“The soldiers of the IDF (Zahal) Naval Special Forces acted in an optimal way during the flotilla takeover,” said Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday evening (June 7), in a speech delivered at a General Assembly of the Knesset. “I can guarantee you: there is no perfect operation from an intelligence standpoint, which unfolds according to plan. An assessment ahead of time is never perfect. An operation does not unfold like a movie; a military operation is not a reality show. In the flotilla raid, the goal was achieved. Without self-control, courage and professionalism from the IDF (Zahal) soldiers there would have been far more casualties. I salute the IDF (Zahal) soldiers”.

“The only man in the Gaza Strip who needs humanitarian assistance is Gilad Shalit”, stressed the Defense Minister. “The blockade on Gaza is required in order to prevent the launchings of rockets towards Israel. A million and a half people are living in Gaza, and only one of them truly needs humanitarian assistance, only one of them is imprisoned, does not merit to see daylight, his health situation in unknown, and his name is Gilad Shalit. There is neither humanitarian crisis nor starvation in Gaza”.

“The Israeli Government, the public, and friends of Israel feel pride about the flotilla takeover. We are facing difficult challenges and numerous threats. Even in times of crisis and of danger we must continue on our way of national unity,” he added.