Defense Minister: Intelligence and rapid response thwarted the attack

Ehud Barak at the site of last night’s attempted terror attack: “The soldiers in the field, who responded rapidly, prevented a very serious incident”

Date: 06/08/2012, 3:12 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Ehud Barak toured the area of last night’s attempted terror attack, together with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz today (Monday, August 6).

“The prevention of the attack reflects sharpness, determination, and effectiveness – primarily of the intelligence services, particularly the Israel Security Agency [Shin Bet] – and acute operational preparedness of the command,” Defense Minister Barak said during the visit.

“The soldiers in the field, who responded quickly, prevented a very serious incident. The incident that could have occurred, using explosives that were brought in the small truck that exploded first, as well as explosive belts on six or eight of the terrorists who were in the armored vehicle – there is no doubt that their entry into a community or an army camp could have caused extremely grave damage,” the Defense Minister continued. “This again proved that the sharpness of the intelligence, the quickness of the response, and the operational capability make all the difference.”

“I predict that this is not the last time that we face attempts to harm us,” the Defense Minister said, adding that he hopes “this will be a wake-up call to Egypt regarding the need to be sharp and effective on their side. The struggle taking place here – all along the border, both the western border and the border around Gaza – against terrorists’ intentions to hurt us will continue. And I hope that we will see many successes of this sort, [but] we must be prepared for the opposite.”