Defense Minister praises Iron Dome operators

Ehud Barak explained that the anti-missile batteries defend the civilians as well as allow free range of activity to security forces

Date: 10/03/2012, 8:45 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, toured the Iron Dome anti-missile battery stationed in Ashdod today, Saturday (March 10). He met with the Air Defense soldiers and praised them for their work during recent attacks from the Gaza Strip.

Barak said that “the recent escalation started with the targeting of Zahir Kaisi, one of the leaders of the Popular Resistance Committee who was preparing a large-scale terror attack, which I am not sure has been thwarted. Now there are over 80 rockets that hit Israeli territory, 30 interception attempts by the Iron Dome 27 of which were successful – this is a 90% success rate, which is extremely high.”

Defense Minister Barak thanked Israeli Air Force commander for his work and the operational deployment of the Iron Dome battering and said that “the system is part of the multi-layer interception systems, does only better defend the civilians, but also enables the military defenses and the government to freely operate as we deal with the current threats.”

Barak mentioned that “the escalation in Gaza is far from being over and the alertness for a possible attack from the Sinai region still exists. All the communities located 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip must remain alert and abide by the security instructions delineated by local authorities and the Home Front Command. We will not allow anyone to harm Israeli civilians and will operate against anybody who attempts to fire rockets and execute terror attacks, and whoever does so will suffer dire consequences.”