This morning in Hebron; IDF forces demolished the house of Taysir Mohammad Jamil Al-Sheiki, an operative of Islamic Jihad. The demolition is part of an ongoing Israeli struggle against terrorism and its infrastructure. Al-Sheiki recruited volunteers who prepared to conduct suicide bombings and attempted to execute such an attack at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron in December of 2001.

Additionally, Al-Sheiki and his father planned to carry out shooting attacks against Israeli vehicles on the road that encircles the city of Haloul (North of Hebron). Al-Sheiki’s father supported Islamic Jihad operatives in Hebron by providing food, clothing, and sleeping accommodations to the fugitives.

The destruction of houses sends the message to suicide bombers and their supporters that all those who engage in acts of terrorism will be forced to pay the price of their actions. The IDF will continue to use any legal means to counter terrorists and all those that support, plan and participate in terrorist activities.