As part of the ongoing war against the Palestinian terror and its infrastructure IDF forces demolished overnight the houses of Hitam Haled Hasin Lawisi, a Tanzim operative who is responsible for manufacturing explosives, for firing at IDF forces in Tulkarm and for the planning a terrorist attack which involves grenades and gunfire inside Israel. Lawisi dispatched two suicide bombers to carry out a suicide bombing on June 18, 2003. The terrorists were carrying explosive belts and were on their way to carry out the attack, however before carrying out the attack, they dropped the explosive belts and went back to Tulkarm.

IDF forces also demolished the house of Tareq Mahmud Ahmed Abu-Raba in the Tulkarm refugee camp. Abu-Raba, a Hamas terrorist, was responsible for recruiting, dispatching and directing a suicide bomber into Israel. The terrorist attack was thwarted by IDF forces on December 2002.

The demolition of houses of terrorists sends a message to suicide bombers and their accomplices that anyone who participates in terrorist activity will pay a price for their actions. The IDF will continue to use all legal means in order to strike at terrorists, their dispatchers and those who provide them assistance.