Following the wave of terrorist attacks of the previous days, an IDF force took control of a number of structures on Monday (18.02.02) in the Balata refugee camp of Nablus, under full Palestinian control. The residents of the structures were given the option of leaving their homes, or to move together with their belongings to the bottom floor, in order to protect the security of the soldiers. The IDF does not force anyone to remain inside the structures.

The claims that the soldiers used the Palestinians as “human shields”, or placed them in the windows as targets, so that they could identify the sources of the shots, or that IDF soldiers are preventing sick Palestinians from being evacuated from the building, are not true. IDF forces are doing everything in their power to provide humanitarian assistance. Representatives of the UN visited the structures this morning (21.02.02), with the IDF’s approval, in order to check on the status of the Palestinians.