The IDF detonated in the late morning hours (22nd of June) two tunnels that connect between the Palestinian side of the City of Rafiach and the Egyptian side.
The tunnels were used by terrorist organizations to smuggle weapons into the areas of the Palestinian Autonomy and therefore were a significant threat to security. The tunnels were also used to smuggle drugs and goods.
The two tunnels detonated were uncovered only recently. The deepness of the tunnels was 8 meters and they run for the length of 100 to 150 meters, and they were all dug from the Palestinian side into the Egyptian side.
Since the beginning of the year 5 such tunnels were found which were dug between the Palestinian Authority and Egypt.
The IDF is determined to stop all like activity and will continue in its actions with all of its power and with any means necessary.
It must be noted that recently there is an assessment among the high levels of Israeli command that an understanding is growing between the Palestinian and Egyptian sides that there is a need for cooperation in all of the levels of command on the topic.