Developing operational applications to help soldiers in the field

Maj. Gen. Uzi Moscovici notes that his department has software development plans aimed at streamlining the connection between combat fighters and intelligence

Date: 23/05/2012, 1:26 PM     Author: Iddan Sonsino

Huge reservoirs of intelligence available for the soldier in the field, systems that monitor and control the transfer of information between different branches, and exposing enemies hiding within civilian populations through “spectral analysis”: these are all the future projects of the Head of the Computer Service Directorate (CSD) Maj. Gen. Uzi Moscovici, disclosed Tuesday (May 22) in a lecture at the 2012 Conference on Air & Land Jointness in a Complex Environment.

According to the CSD’s vision, introduced Maj. Gen. Moscovici, command and control systems are expected to improve drastically, as well as the ability to detect enemies and map enemy territory. In another development, the CSD is creating an advanced ground control system that will allow operations to be viewed on a large-scale, and through artificial intelligence capabilities, will be able to draw conclusions based on the information collected. “It is like internet application that can see where you are and recommend restaurants you should visit. The vision is that a soldier in Givati who arrives in the Zeitan neighborhood will be able to look at his screen and see activity in the region over the last 5 years as well as up to date intelligence about activity over the last few days,” said Maj. Gen. Moscovici.

In addition, Maj. Gen. Moscovici discussed an expansive program aimed at building a platform that allows the efficient transfer of data between the different systems of the IDF (Zahal)’s various branches. “The ability to connect the systems of the various corps and formations while responding to all the events on the battlefield is critical. We want to create a common language between the command and control systems of intelligence, ground forces, the general staff and the air force. Condense it to a single picture. There is already a lot more “can” than “cannot” on this project,” he claimed.

The standardization of data systems of the various branches should not only reach the strategic level, but should exist on the ground as well. “We want to reach the point where can effortlessly move between the different data platforms, from the pilot down to the soldier, in real time. We also want to include data that comes from the highest levels, from headquarters, and create a full image of the field. This is a major project and far from simple, but we already have many ideas and directions,” concluded the head of the CSD.