As of tomorrow, February 19, 2003, the Home Front Command will begin distributing protective kits to foreign laborers in Israel. Foreign laborers can obtain the protective kits for themselves and their families in post offices throughout Israel and in selected “Ha Mashbir La’Tzarhan” department stores. The list of stores will be published in the media.

Foreign laborers must present a valid passport and the protective kits will be given in exchange for a deposit of 200 NIS, about half of this sum will be returned when returning the kit. Children and youngsters under the age of 14, will receive the kit without payment.

Instructions on the protective kit can be found in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Russian and can be obtained in any of the distribution centers. Instructions in Thai, Romanian and Chinese will also be distributed soon.

We wish to stress that every foreign laborer, whether he is legally or illegally in Israel, is eligible to receive a protective kit. Thus, in cooperation with immigration officials, no measures will be taken against foreign laborers who turn up at the distribution centers in order to receive protective kits.

It must also be stressed that at the moment the protective kits are not being distributed to foreign students, guests of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, employees of the Jewish Agency and tourists staying in hotels. The distribution of protective kits to the above-mentioned populace will begin at a later stage and a separate notice regarding it will be made in the media.

We stress that the Home Front Command has an adequate supply of protective kits in its store rooms for all those staying in Israel.