Elbit Develops New Display System for F-16 Plane.

Elbit Systems

During an aerial exhibition in Singapore, Elbit Systems introduced advanced aircraft systems enabling pilots to view the battlefield in a more realistic way.

Date: 15/02/2010, 9:43 PM     Author: Jonathan Urich

During an aerial exhibition recently held in Singapore, the Elbit Systems Company revealed new and significant developments in aerial technologies. The systems on display, showed various adjustments to a series of F-16 fighter jets. The company claims that the system will be tested in the next few months.

The new system replaces the existing console on the F-16 fighter jets, located between the legs of the pilot. With the new system, the pilot will be able to examine several layers of sight, the indices of basic flight, radar imagery, maps of the area and much more with only a click of a button. Also, the pilot’s display will be larger, allowing him to fully exploit the sensor systems at his disposal.

Additionally, at the Elbit Systems display booth, the company introduced a wide range of systems for air, sea, and land. Among the systems shown were air vehicles, a variety of electro optical systems, advanced communications systems, avionics solutions in helmets, aircraft defense systems against enemy missiles and more.